Good morning.

7am should be a good morning. 

Mornings come with a very specific set of challenges. For many of us, it’s a frantic rush. alarm. teeth. shower. hairdryer. tangled hair. more tangled hair. hair still doesn’t look right. doesn’t matter. butter on bread, maybe coffee. definitely coffee. shoes. finally out of the house. 

We’re here to get you to that good morning, starting with hair. 

All of our services come with a 7am hair tutorial. Providing all the information, tips and tricks needed for your hair to look good in-store and at-home. 

  • timeless wave perm

    say good morning to effortlessly curled hair. farewell to frustrating hours spent on daily styling. 

    for curled hair that goes beyond trends, effortlessly.  a mainstay service at 7am.

  • timeless smoothening

    straight but natural, defrizz without stiffness and sleek with voulme. for that effortless good hair day. takes away the stray hairs and frizziness to start your morning sleek and ready to go. a mainstay service at 7am.

  • timeless treatment 2.0

    tokio inkarami + nano mist revitaliser + scalp refresh

    repairs all existing hair and addresses root concerns. in version 2.0, the service is elevated with a scalp refresh, promoting hair health from the base.

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